➤ Leveraging Technology to accelerate clinical research

One tool covering end-to-end lifecycle
of Clinical Trials

Cronos for Early Phase:

Cronos PM

Project Management tool to help you to schedule milestone of projects, plan clinical wards utilization & track them in real-time.

Cronos protocol & e-CRF

In-system protocol & it’s training program. Equipped with fingerprint attendance. Cronos provides a highly customizable eCRf/workflows capable for conducting derma/ patch/ other BA-BE/ early phase studies.

Cronos Clinical

EDC tool with real-time activities. It’s Bedside Data Collection capabilities helps in paperless & faster assessments. It comes with sample inventory & tracking facility as well.

Cronos SDMS

Compliance ready data repository.Facility of data e-printing from almost all BA instruments/softwares and online review of data in defined workflow with e-stamping and e-signature.Project-wise view, export & archival of data.

Cronos CDISC

CDISC(SDTM) mapping in CRF library forreusability. Interactive derived variables creation & mapping by just drag & drop.Extract data in CDISC datasets on single click in SAS format. Annotated/subject CRF print on single click.

Cronos for Late Phase:

Cronos EDC/DDC

Intuitive tool with robotic process automation & direct data capture capabilities helps medical professionals from sites to collect & manage clinical data in near-realtime, fast and easy way.

Cronos CDMS

Capture, cleanse and efficiently manage your study data from paper based or EDC based trials. Extract data in desired datasets following standards like CDISC (SDTM).

Cronos Medical Coding

Supports auto-medical coding & intelligent medical coding against MedDRA & WHODrug (all versions).

Biostats TLF

Generate high-quality statistical reports (tables, listings & formats) in fixed/desired formats with ease. You do not require any other tool to generate Tables, Listings & Formats (TLF) when you can get them from Cronos in few clicks


Cronos – BA/BE & Early Phase Trials

Facilitating real time and digital BA/BE studies at affordable costs.

A web based, multi-lingual, end-to-end platform designed with focus on data integrity, quality &
compliance - from volunteer recruitment till report/data extraction for submission

BA/BE modules of Cronos are designed specifically for Bioequivalence-Bioavailability and early phase studies:

Developed under the guidance of experts, Cronos – BA/BE is one of the most BA-BE centric, end-to-end system.

Prevention is better than cure:

Unlike other EDC systems, our system works as an assistant which make sure that activities are performed as per defined parameters, procedure & sequence mentioned in study protocol and standard operational procedures (SOP). And more so, you can define yourself what things this assistant needs to take care in a study.

Peace of Mind:

Get assured, your data is in a tried, tested & secured system, which meets 21 CFR part 11, EU GMP Annexure 11 requirements.

Better decision making with data analytics:

Our system can helps you in increasing screening pass and participation ratio through predictive analytics. Through analytic dashboards and reports, our system can help you in better and efficient project planning and management.

Affordable pricing:

Don't let budgets get in the way of efficient studies. We have got you covered with attractive pay as you use pricing models.

Cronos – Late phase trials

Leveraging technology to accelerate clinical trials.

Intuitive tool with direct data capture capabilities, help medical professionals to collect, manage and get
submission ready clinical data in a fast and easy way.

Hybrid solution that reduces delays and costs

One of the most interactive tool to capture, cleanse and manage your study data effectively. Powered with advanced technology, it helps you to set up studies faster with just few ‘drag-and-drop’.

Supports Remote Monitoring (remote SDV)

Our system can help you in reducing your monitor’s site visits. Our EDC tool comes with secured, web based document management system to remotely verify, review & collaborate with sites for source documents. Our system supports auto-redacting of sensitive information in source documents.

Manage paper-based & EDC studies in a single system

Backed with integrated CDM tool, it helps you in managing different workflows/processes of paper based trial and EDC trials in a single system. Speed and accuracy of entered data improves a lot through system’s guided data entry feature.

Get visibility of study progress in real-time

With analytic dashboards and reports, our systems shows real-time site-wise, study status & progress to enable you in faster and better decision making.

Get submission ready data within no time

Combined with auto and manual medical coding facility, system also supports standards like CDISC SDTM. Map & export data in desired datasets by just ‘drag-and-drop’ in various formats. You do not require any other tool to generate Tables, Listings & Formats (TLF), when you can get them from Cronos in few clicks.

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